Flooring & Pool Covers


We have different colors, such as wood color, white and black color. It depends on your needs. We also have different measurements. Also, you will get 100% of guarantee about the installation.


For over 10 years we have installed Flooring and Pool Cover. Pool Covers need to be done by professionals who have experience and know what they are doing! Are all your safety is in the hands of the company you hire! A wrong installation can cause panels to shift or break resulting in injuries from people falling into your pool while their dancing! , will feel at ease in knowing you are paying the best prices in town, and the most experienced installers of Flooring and Pool Cover.


Teamwork is a key component of every successful wedding or party,
and it drives what we do at Fiesta Party Rent. Teamwork makes the dream work!

We also believe passionately in helping to make every celebration memorable.
From formal weddings and corporate parties to winery events and casual backyard barbecues,
our products not only accommodate you and your guests, but also make your event look terrific!


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